Sports Physiotherapy


Physical therapy dedicated to sport and injury prevention


Injury Prevention and Treatment

Injury Prevention and Treatment
Prevention and treatment of injuries associated with sports practice. For an injured athlete, a quick recovery process and a guided and accompanied return to exercise are essential to avoid relapses. The most common injuries are muscle tears or strains, sprains, dislocations, tendinopathies, overuse or overuse injuries, muscle imbalances and muscle contractures.

Performance Improvement / Technical Gesture

Performance Improvement / Technical Gesture
Sport physiotherapy is not limited to the recovery from the injury!

At Physiokinesis we can help you optimize your sports performance by improving the quality of your technical gesture.

Athletes and golfers, surfers, tennis players, handball players, among others, benefit from the accompaniment by a specialized physiotherapist.

Biomechanical Analysis of Running

Biomechanical Analysis of the Run
Through our program, Kinesis Run we perform detailed and judicious evaluation of the run, based on its biomechanics.

Our main objectives are the prevention and treatment of injuries, improvement of sports performance, better choice of footwear, contributing to overall well-being. With the aid of videography, Kinesis Run consists of the postural analysis of the individual, in the biomechanical analysis of his race, complemented by neuromuscular tests. This way, the necessary information is collected for a better running pattern and a more efficient training.

Potential problems are also identified, solved with specific physiotherapy treatments. In most cases the treatment is not very long and with a few sessions it is possible to correct the problems found.

In our sessions we use different exercises depending on each runner and problem, and in some cases we may advise the runner to use plantar ortheses.

It is essential to be aware of functional biomechanics, techniques and correction exercises of the main information inputers, stabilization exercises and biomechanical mobility, with the ultimate goal of functional integration.